The Audio Network

From Paul Platts

If  you are looking for a free source of music for your work then give the Audio Network a try.

The Audio Network music service for schools has just been updated bringing twice the music, more on-line tools and  a  schools licence for you to use the music in the classroom and with the school community.

Purchased for you by SEGfL through the National Education Network and hosted by London Grid for Learning it is  free-for-users in schools that are part of the National Education Network.

The SEGfL’s licence with AudioNetwork allows teachers and students to download any of the music files free of charge  with only two conditions

      • users must be on a machine connected to SEGfL to get free downloads
      • the downloaded files must not be used for any commercial purposes”

South East Grid for Learning 2011

When used in conjunction with software such as Audacity, children are able to create professional sounding podcasts.