Taking the Tablets Tour (March)

Here’s where we have been doing this month

  1. Travel for Moira to and from Scotland (for the cycling leg)
  2. Booking of accommodation for the cycling leg (still some to do)
  3. Identification of all other accommodation for cycling leg
  4. Preparation of maps (this is an ongoing process – currently preparing better quality OS maps with elevation data – showing participants just how hilly certain bits are)
  5. Interview and rejection of tech support person
  6. Building up a list of potential road managers (2 so far)
  7. Viewing of support vehicle. Have gone off the idea of the horse box. Liking the Swift Kontiki (see below).
What I want to do this month is to get some school involvement. The idea will be to get groups of students to contact their contemporaries at schools on or near the route and tell them what we will be doing and when. A sample contact letter will be in the next post.
I will also be working on the programs for the games that I will be taking with me and playing on route.

Picture of Swift Kontiki