Richard’s Long Walk: an Introduction

Last week I walked 17 miles (actually 17.5)  from the Peace Statue in Brighton to the White Horse in Storrington. The was a test run (ha) for what I will be doing most days between July and September next year (2012) – a walk from Scotland back to Brighton. It will also be the final days in my 50s as I plan to reach home on my 60th birthday.

Why am I doing it? Well for the most part, I just fancied a challenge and the big birthday thing seemed an appropriate time. But the other reason is that I wanted to spread the word about what we are doing with Digital Education Brighton – and giving teachers and children a chance to see and partake in some of the projects that we have/will be doing.

How’s it going to work? A little bit of a cheat to start with, as the first part will be a 300 mile cycle ride through the Western Isles of Scotland – from Stornaway to Arran. I would have walked it but it would add another month to the expedition plus adds a whole set of other difficulties. The walk proper will start at Adrossan and will be in 11 stages, the first 2 of 5 days, and the following 9 of 4 days with a day off between each.

Several things to add at this stage, although I will go into more details in the next blog.

  1. You can see the route here (although it is still subject to change).
  2. I would like a companion to walk with me on each one of the stages.
  3. There will be a support vehicle going with us – providing accommodation, cooking, transport to the start and from the end of each day’s walk, acting as a base station for activities
Within the next month, I am looking for a local representative on each stage (teacher?) who would be act as a liaison between me and local schools/youth groups etc. and of course starting to recruit my walking companions – I have a couple of volunteers already.