Meeting at West Hove Infants – 10th January 2012


  • Genevieve – chair
  • Jo Robson – notes
  • Jane Waite – West Hove Infants host
  •  Paul Platts
  • Mick Langdon
  • Richard
  • Darren Kelly – Blatch Mill
  • Jill D
  • Phil Jones -Wired Sussex
  • Judith – Sussex Uni
  • Ian
  • Anna Pedrosa –
  • Ezilda – East Sussex records
  • John Cratsey –
  • Donna, Cavendish School, Eastbourne

Apologies from Richard Vahrman


Anna:  teach meet – date set – 8th March. 4.30 – 7.30pm.  Going to work with all phases of education not just schools. Meeting to be held at the AMEX. To cover – The use of digital technologies in the classroom…  Teaching practicalities – how technology enhances practice. Paul will be leading / chairing… East Sussex AST will attend this event, their event will take place two weeks later.  Tweet hash tag: tmbton.  Next meeting scheduled, 2nd Feb. venue to be confirmed. Help required from all of our DEB group to market and promote the event.

Action agreed:  Jo to promote at Apple event next week. Genevieve to look at streaming the event live on Collaborate/conference… Issue raised around audio – remote listening sound needs consideration.

 Mick and Sue – Smartphones in the classroom. Blatchington Mill project is starting, meetings with students have taken place. Mobile learning App designed by some pupils at Blatch. Phone received through Crew Club. Downloads school in Hassocks also keen to develop a project, but not yet started. Patcham School also interested.  Keen to link to repository to get phones for schools to use.  If this group could continue tweeting about the need for phones. Genevieve to guest on the Guardian live blog tomorrow about ICT and computer science so will mention on that. No need to specify spec.

Action:  Jo to ask American Express.

Jill also working with Amex around Girls into Techology project – Jo is too, so both need to discuss.

 Phil: Cherokee Nation. Brief about the project. Blatchington Mill & Cardinal Newman in Brighton. Also have looking to have artist / arts council on board, and researcher.  The technology in the American schools is much better than here in the Brighton schools.  Discussions in place with Apple to look at possibilities for development of kit in the schools here… John is lookining for artists and exploring different artists: poets, writers… Etc. there is interest from the Arts Council. Epic, local elearning company, have agreed to mentor the project. The intention is to develop the project to be much more than a pen friend style model. Timescale – ideally a year, schools from America would like to come over and take part in the children’s parade next year. Mick suggested having a blogging tool – quad blogging. City College happy to support if required. East Sussex archives also available for use. Local history in different locations.

Judith and Ian – programming in schools. Technology enhanced learning environment course, Judith wanted ideas of projects for students to work on, opportunities for teaching programming… Cavendish, Eastbourne would be interested in becoming involved.. Dorothy Stringer also keen to be involved & it could be that issues around engagement and motivation & personalised learning programmes could be tackled by the University students. Blatch Mill have a GCSE class, who are working at an advanced level.  Also a query from Jane around teaching programming to KS1… Would the students be able to help with them… .? Judith will ask her students… The idea is to develop resources that could then be shared more broadly..

Guardian article today: Kids saying that they think they know most of the IT they are being taught, and that they want to learn other things. Issue around perceived learning in ICT, what the kids think they should be learning & what educators think they should be being taught.

 Jill: DEB contacts in schools. How to involve people in schools in this group. Maybe a bulletin? Or monthly update on the blog?  Paul needs to plan an ICT network meeting so could combine?..

Jane Waite:  teaching handwriting to KS1 pupils is ready to start the Smart phone project.  This pilot project will then be disseminated to other schools.  First requirement is some phones to use….

Jo: request phones – add to programme article on 14th Feb.

Paul – Gatekeeper. Esafety. Paul is putting together a risk assessment to help schools see what is looked at when deciding whether or not to block a site.  Adverts, explore buttons etc… Sometimes up to 3 people doing this task.  Paul also procuring new filtering system for the council, including libraries.. Training for staff would help. ‘Doctoring of Alurement’ – liability because they are expected to go there anywhere / duty of care – protecting the children from themselves. A school, Saltash in Cornwall, has no filtering. Over 13 years the law change for pupil access. Blatch have ‘SecureUs’…. Kids tracked in what they are accessing and a policy for dealing with misuse.. Blatch kids have sessions on Internet safety in year 7 and 8. Academies – separate Internet connection at BACA.

Jo Robson: input about the AITC schools education offer…


  • Quad blogging – Heathfield in Bolton doing it.
  • The possibility of a larger scale event perhaps linked into Digital Brighton… DEB combined with a forum for discussion, technologies – with a festival feel… Funding is an issue… Action: need a working group. Genevieve, Paul, Anna interested.
  • Donna – new project with Ezilda –  working with Dorothy Stringer, Battle and other schools, creating games around using the archive materials… Art and films and Apps combined.  The Keep due to open Mid 2013.
  • The Mass Observatory – at the Uni. Archive of people’s accounts of their lives.

Next meeting:

DV8: workplace learning provider. Address details
Date: Tuesday, 7th Feb. 5:30
Presentation: Bronagh Liddicoat: STEM Sussex Director