Is This Press Release From 2012 or 1972?

Dan Meyer writes:

Here are five quotes, some of which are from edtech startups in 2012 while others are from an advertorial for “Individually Prescribed Instruction” published in ASCD in 1972. Can you tell them apart?

  1. Educators and parents across the country seem to agree that a system of individualized instruction is much needed in our schools today. This has been evident to any parent who has raised more than one child and to every teacher who has stood in front of a class.

  2. [This product] allows the teacher to monitor the child’s progress but more important it allows each child to monitor his own behavior in a particular subject.

  3. The objectives of the system are to permit student mastery of instructional content at individual learning rates and ensure active student involvement in the learning process.

  4. This is a step towards the superior classroom, because the system includes material that can be used independently, allowing each child to learn at his own rate and realize success.

  5. The technology, training program, and management technique give the teacher tools for assessment, mastery measurement, and specified management techniques.

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