DEB Meeting – Tuesday 7th February

DV8, Preston Road, Brighton

In attendance

  • Richard Freeman         DV8
  • Anna Pedroza             Communications and Media Consultant
  • Jo Robson                   Albion in the Community
  • Gary Newport              Bexhill College
  • Danny Roman              Datawork Studio
  • Marit Thowsen             Amex
  • Ally Hillier                     Amex
  • Rose Locken                London Knowledge Lab
  • Katerina Ramirez         London Knowledge Lab
  • Sue Korman                 Learn Local First & Unique Brighton
  • Alyn Caborn                 Mentoring Digital Minds
  • Gill Ditch                       Education Business Partnership
  • Bronagh Liddicoat        STEM
  • Daniel Hawken             STEM
  • Mick Beddoes               Multimedia Unit @ College of Law
  • Richard Vahrman          Locomatrix
  • Mick Landmann            Vivid Interactive

Apologies:  D Kelly – B Mill, Genevieve Smith-Nunes – D Stringer

Project Updates

Teachmeet: Booking link to be sent out by Sarah from Iris.  Please send round to all key contacts so we can get even more attending this time. ( GD will send out to EBP contacts )

Smartphone Project report: This was progressing well with the students at Blatch Mill. However it was noted that there were issues related to project management. Is this something that could be taught ?  There was discussion around this and it was felt that this could develop into a DEB project in its own right. ( B Mill )

Smartphone Depository: Really need to target bigger companies to gather them in. This could be raised in various communications. Also having repositories in more accessible places ? e.g like CEX

Cherokee Nation: This was progressing and links in America confirmed. Now onto next stage. ( C Newman & B Mill )

PhoneBrain/ Programming in Schools: PhD/ Masters students working on the design of a learning environment.  Issue of project management skills raised again.  Could DEB come up with a skeletal framework ?

DEB Monthly competition: Discussion centred around the ways to organise and promote the competitions. RV to come up with the concept.

RV Walk: Discussion centred around coming up with a project that details how Brighton & Hove Schools could link with the 12 different stopping stages of the walk.  Ideas to Richard please.

New Projects

Ideas for new projects to come from schools. The EBP will be doing a newsletter in the Spring and an article on the DEB would be included. This will be circulated to all school DEB contacts and other school contacts.

LWF Conference:   Mick Landmann attended this and discussed some of the key points and new initiatives. e.g Mozilla Foundation and the Civic project/ Webmaker – encouraging more people to create a web page.

DEB structure:        There was discussion centred around the opportunities presented by NESTA funding. If DEB were to bid for funds to develop new projects the organisation would need to adopt a more formalised set up with terms of reference etc. People willing to contribute to this to liaise with Mick directly.

Presentation – Bronagh Liddicoat and STEM

BL introduced the group to the role of STEM and how it helped local young people make more informed decisions about STEM careers ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They work with primary and secondary schools and every school in Sussex is visited annually in relation to their offer. They have a STEM ambassadors programme and they have in excess of 1100 volunteers who get a free CRB check and insurance. They also receive a fortnightly email detailing the opportunities to get involved with schools.

There is a STEM Festival planned for the Mid Sussex area on July 5th at the Hawth, Crawley.  There was discussion re DEB getting involved.


  1. Richard Freeman from DV8 talked about the new level 3 digital/creative media apprenticeship they are developing. Anyone with any business contacts who might be interested in working with them should contact him directly.
  2. City Camp is taking place March 2nd/3rd/4th and provides an opportunities for cross business networking regarding city wide projects.