DEB Meeting – Tuesday 6th of March

James House, Hove

In attendance: Paul Platts, Anne Caborn, Richard Freeman, D.Vallman, Simon Walsh, Jane Waite, Mick Landmann (Chair), Tara Solesbury, Fenella Tallon, Phil Jones, Richard Vahrman,  Sue Korman, Darren Kelly, Judith Good, Darren Kelly

Apologies: Isilda Almeida-Harvey, Jon Pratty, Nick Beddows, Genevieve Smith-Nunes, Bronagh Liddicoat, Donna Comerford, Ian Cunningham

Project updates

Teachmeet – taking place on Thursday. Should be very well attended.

Smartphones in the classroom – Sue and Mick have completed five visits to Blatchington Mill working with Year 10s. Very positive experience. Will be doing Skype time next week.

Smartphone repository – Mick said we were still waiting for phones but had got some interest from 02 Learn. This idea is suffering from the fact that people can get good money for second hand phones or problems getting phones to a drop off point. WiredSussex is donating some phones. It may be easier to get phones if we reference how many are needed and for which specific project. Project to look at loans as well as donations.

Cherokee Nation – Fenella has joined WiredSussex to work on the project. Two schools in Brighton have been teamed with two schools in the Cherokee Nation. Prep work over the summer. Launch in the autumn. Project will then run from Sept 2012 to April 2013. Looking for possible funding. There will also be a researcher looking at the project. Hoping that some of the children will come over and take part in the Brighton Festival Children’s Parade. Mick also mentioned the idea of an International Teachmeet that might somehow involve the Cherokee Nation as part of the Digital Festival – see mater minute. Phil also pointed out that there were some interesting cultural insights that could be explored around different and shared cultural touch points – eg music, sport, as well as points of cultural differentiation.

Phone brain – no report.

Programming in schools – Judith described it as ‘crunch time’. Students are giving their final presentations this Friday [details on Basecamp Judith Good posted this message on Thu, 1 Mar DEB programming project]. They have been designing a learning experience to teach programming to secondary schools. Confident that it’s all coming together. And it has been a good learning process. People are welcome to come along but let Judith know. May try to film some presentations.  Press office at the university also looking at putting a story to The Guardian and possibly the BBC. Mick suggested it might be possible to pick some of the ideas for further development, possibly involving the university. One option might   be to involve those third year undergraduates going on to their Masters, which takes about another five months. Agreed there would be a meeting to look at how this could be taken further.

DEB monthly schools competition – Richard reminded people that there were details about this on the blog – The idea is to explore other ways that accelerometers could be used.

Taking the Tablets tour– latest developments on the blog

Other projects:

Barriers to girls getting into IT (EBP and Amex) – Gill updated on last meeting presentation from Amex. They have also spoken to other partners as well as DEB and IBM about what research that organisation has been done. Next meeting taking place next week. Project called Women into Technology. Next stage will probably be setting up some initial focus groups with girls. It might also be valuable to find some way of explaining job roles to young people eg what does a systems’ analyst do?

West Hove Infants’ trial of Smartphone’s and handwriting/phonics apps to improve handwriting – Richard referenced some useful technology on the blog. Project development ongoing.

STEM festival in Crawley on 5th July – Mick asked whether there was any interest in having a DEB presence at the event. Please get in touch.

Other matters:

Raspberry Pi – Richard pointed out there were 3 things in its favour- it’s British, cheap and has a HD video output. He pointed out there were other options including MBed. There is a possible opportunity to do a project around this type of technology. More on Raspberry Pi here.

Brighton Digital Festival – as discussed earlier, looking at putting on an event throughout September as part of the festival. This could be another Teachmeet. Please put any other ideas on BaseCamp. Phil also suggested it might be possible to link with the Brighton Maker Faire. Last year’s event here.

DEB constitution – the sub group meeting took place before the main meeting. Richard will look at taking his initial blog branding into a logo. The group have come up with two elevator pitches for DEB. Something around this work will be placed on Basecamp.

10 minute presentation from Dv8 on the development of their media apprenticeship

This organisation works with 14 to 19 year olds – between 212 and 220 in number this year. There are a range of pathways including Foundation learning and Key Stage 4, and a programme in Bexhill for the very hard to reach. Also brokers workshops and learning with local industries and does bespoke outreach.  Their client group includes high vocational achievers who may have faced a disruption, such as bereavement or an access barrier other than behaviours. But also includes those with disruptive behaviours or SEN.

Their next phase involves apprenticeships. Dv8 are very interested in using technology in their training. They are changing as an organisation, developing Level 2 programmes as well as the Apprenticeship programme. An apprenticeship is nationally recognised and developed by one of the Sector Skills Councils for employers. The apprentice can be a new employee or somebody already employed. National apprentice wage average is £170 a week. Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media is a new route into work not currently being offered in Brighton but will be from September. Already spoken to 15 different companies – good buy in with a number signed up to take apprentices.

More here

Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media

Dv8 asked for DEB support. Will offer teaching training for people wanting to teach or assess on the course. They also want to hear from employers who are interested in taking on apprentices.


Learn Local First – Sue said she was hoping to work with two schools.

Richard also spoke about an after school club initiative.

Next meeting

Date and location: April 3 location TBC – may be a mini meet because of the holidays.

Chair:  TBC

Notetaker: TBC

Presention: TBC