DEB Meeting – Tues 1/5/12 – Brighthelm Centre

In attendance:

Paul Platts, Anne Caborn, Paul Bonett, Anna Pedroza, Adam Martin, Richard Vahrman,  Sue Korman, Judith Good, David Holloway


Rose Luckin, Darren Kelly, Richard Freeman, Jon Pratty, Kevin Grist, Gill Ditch


Sue Korman thanked attendees on behalf of trustees of Brighthelm Centre (Twitter @brighthelmurc) and spoke about the sustainable living project being developed at the centre. The biggest challenge is the garden and its development (within local planning regulation).

Project updates

Teachmeet – planning meeting being set up for next one. Plan to run one during the Brighton Digital Festival in September. There was also a brief conversation about Kidsmeet and whether something could be done connecting the two. To be picked up at next planning meeting for Teachmeet.

Smartphones in the classroom – Sue and Mick have been working at Blatchington Mill. Plan for more work after the half term. Need to explore ways of getting people from outside education involved in the classroom in a way that is not too onerous.

Smartphone repository – Mick is still trying to get hold of phones for this. There was further discussion around occasional use (phone loan) for specific projects. Another option might be to find funding sources and purchase a number of phones for school use. Adam also suggested contacting phone manufacturers who might donate phones. But this approach requires specific projects to get phone companies interested. Project outlines to be passed to Adam for forwarding. Another piece of kit to look at was iPod Touch.

Cherokee Nation – further work needed on project structure. One aspect might be quad blogging.

Programming in schools – Judith explained that students have completed practical work and documentation. Wide variety of projects. Looking at hosting arrangements via the university so people can access and possibly reuse projects. Next step is a subgroup involving Richard and Judith and others to look at the projects and their longer term application / reuse. Call will go out for people who would like to participate.

DEB monthly schools competition – currently no takers. Relooking at the concept and possibly better targeting. Richard to send something to Paul Platts that can go out in the weekly schools’ bulletin.

Taking the Tablets tour – Richard updated on progress including interest from the software manufacture interested in working with schools. Anna suggested contacting the subject association for geography. David also suggested the Hamilton Project.

Other projects

Unteachmeet – using the Teachmeet concept reframed for businesses working with schools for them to talk about projects. First one will take place June 21. Information will be sent round. Please put the message out.

DEB input into NESTA programming in schools report – session has been set up on May 21 TBC. There has already been significant interest in attending.  There was then a general debate around the teaching of ICT across the key stages.

West Hove Infants trial of Smartphone’s and handwriting/phonics apps to improve handwriting

two phones and 3 apps being used for the trial. There was a discussion around a possible presentation to Mobile Brighton the app developers’ forum.

DEB presence at STEM festival in Crawley on 5th July – update next time.


DEB heard from David Holloway from Ideas Foundation and Iamcreative.

Ideas Foundation has been going for 7 years.  A key aim is to promote diversity within business. For example, IF might going into a school and work alongside teachers, showing them how industry works in practice. They will look at the world of ideas and then bring people into the school to talk about what it’s like to work in that type of industry, what you do, what you wear… There may also be work placements.

Now looking at a new vehicle devised with help from IF’s scholar council – their advisory group. This is iamceative The project is not yet officially launched but there has been a pilot. Hard launch planned for September.

There are creative briefs posted on the iamcreative site from various high profile companies. Young people can review the briefs and contribute. The work can be undertaken across curriculum – not just ICT. There are prizes, placements, bursaries and apprenticeships. Companies pay to put their briefs on the site.

3 access points – young people can download briefs, schools can register and workshops can be bought in from iamcreative; thirdly, industry mentors can be brought in. Young people also get the opportunity to build up a digital portfolio that could help with job seeking.

iamcreative wants three schools for each of the briefs. David would like to work with schools which are interested in being involved.


Updated version of DEB Basecamp

issues around access. Richard is dealing.

DEB reps in education establishments in Brighton

will be raised by Paul Platts at coordinators meeting.

DEB constitution

being progressed.



can people say when they are coming to DEB meetings and not just say when they’re not coming?

Next meeting

Date and location – June 12, location TBC
Chair – TBC
Note taker – TBC
Presenter – TBC