DEB meeting 4th Oct 2011 at Blatchington Mill


  • Mick Landman
  • Paul Platts, ICT T&L Consultant B&H Council
  • Charlotte Curl, IRIS Connect
  • Richard Vahrman, Locomatrix
  • Anne Caybourne, Digital Comms consultant, also mentoring digital minds
  • Darren Snow, Crew Club
  • Kevin Gist, Crew Club
  • Martin Howe, City College
  • Donna Comerford, resting teacher CT consultant
  • Daniel Clark, Vivid
  • Darren Kelly, faculty lead, ICT
  • Sue Kolman, Education consultant
  • Ian Cummingham, chk details

1. Chair

Actions: Rolling chair with the group agreed rather than ‘guest chairpeople’.  Agreed instead to invite guest speakers to attend DEB rather than

2. Secretariat

3. Report on projects:

Teachmeet – Anna

  • Really successful
  • Need to confirm no commercial pitches and also ensure that TeachMeets are focused effectively.
  • Need to tighten up on rules for future TeachMeets
  • ESCC interested to get involved
  • Donna has sent details to WSCC ICT folk
  • Need to decide date for next meeting
  • We do need to start building new links for potential contributors
  • Richard to add video and notes to the DEB blog
  • Suggestion that there is a notices section at the end for 1 min news items

Smartphones in the classroom (incl. Smartphone repository) – Mick

  • Going very well
  • Link with Blatchington Mill, really impressive facilities.  Darren will identify teachers to find out who is interested in participating in a project
  • QR codes might be an element of the project.  Treasure hunt concept.  QR codes out of different media, e.g. jigsaws, oreos,
  • Richard happy to advise on QR codes for the project, Mick felt we might need more tech support on the project.
  • Repository – Wired Sussex is going to publicise information about call for smartphones. Operation of the system is still to be agreed in terms of how the scheme will work.
  • Romi Boyten is also committed to a smartphone project for the new year.

Hack day – Donna

  • Part of Greg Hatfield event (Open Data event) open to everyone.  Creating products and projects.  Need two volunteers to support coordination.  Donna to post on basecamp and also on the blog to distribute information.
  • Broader discussion about open data across Brighton and Hove.  Agreed that access to data would be very useful for education projects – open data group is focused on this.

Cherokee Nation

  • Epic has agreed to provide some free consultancy support and ACE have agreed that they may be able to provide funding to involve an artist in the project.
  • No one else is involved from DEB at the moment.

4.   New projects:

Dinosaur game

  • App from ACE for £ to create dinosaur game to dig up a virtual dinosaur,
  • Interested in running a competition to support the activity
  • OR, offer a course to students around programming
  • Issue that dinosaurs is not on the curriculum but the project is linked with the dinosaur museum on the IoW.  However, the project is really about programming and computer design.
  • Looking for KS4 students to work on the project with Locomatrix
  • Darren and Ian both interested in talking to Richard about this project.  Richard to circulate more information on Basecamp and Blog.

Brighton and Hove Community Radio

  • All that I am (Alba Lewis) linked with Mick re: Brighton and Hove Community Radio.  Mick suggested we might have a link with this organisation he will explore and report back.
  • Paul Platts said that he could offer to send information in his weekly bulletin or as a one-off message (if urgent).
  • In addition Radio Free Brighton – Ian invited Richard and Mick to be interviewed

Other projects

  • Sue reported that is now live.  This is a blog about Brighton and Hove pitched at 11 year olds to work towards a shared experience of growing up in the city.
  • Ian suggested that his students can help to with the project potentially.

5.   Organising meetings

Basecamp is not necessarily the best tool for confirming attendance at meetings.  Richard suggested using Meet Up for organising meetings.  However, agreed that at this time we will continue as is.

6.   Blog

Agreed we need more posts on the blog.  Ensure we use Twitter DigedBton is our hashtag.

7.   AOB

  • Donna met with Mike Eaton regarding DEB particularly keen to provide op for YPs.
  • Emma Mulqueeny Twitter @hubmum
  • Downing Street petition ‘year 8 is too late’.
  • Donna got in touch with Bett proposal to crowd-source a stand for BETT
  • BIL – Richard to startup a group ‘brighton independent living’  focused on the elderly and how they can keep independent.
  • SWEL notes –
  • – funding for TeachMeet
  • O2 Learn
  • Christmas social?
  • Sue made the case to make the meetings shorter.
  • Guest speaker – Show me,

8.   Next meeting -Venue BHASVIC

  • Guest speaker Crew Club
  • Chair Theresa Connolly
  • Notetaker Donna