DEB past, present and future

By Mick Landmann As we enter the New Year I wanted to reflect on how DEB has progressed since its inception in June 2011 (the time of our first full meeting). The main general achievement of the group, I think, is to have acted upon the determination that DEB should be predicated on action, and 

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Let’s hear it for the yoof!!

By Mick Landmann When I woke up on the first day of the New Year, woozy from the past few days of excess, turning on the news I noted that the New Year message from our religious leaders, notably the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Benedict, laid some emphasis on youth. The Archbishop observed rightly 

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Cherokee Digital Nation

A digital cultural exchange between school students in Brighton, UK and Cherokee school students in Oklahoma, USA. Phil Jones of Wired Sussex writes: This project aims to use digital media to significantly enhance the way that existing cultural exchange programmes between schools are run. The idea is to test and develop ways of using technology 

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QR Voice

From Paul Platts I thought this might be of interest to some. It came “through” my  mailbox this morning.  A very useful QR code site where you can type a 100 character message which is read out. Could be used next to students work that is on display?

Under Ten Minutes

From Paul Platts I stumbled across this fantastic website last weekend. Under Ten Minutes is a collection of short videos designed to show you how to use technology quickly. The videos are created and uploaded by teachers or educationalists with an interest in digital technologies and address the issue that many of us have of 

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The Audio Network

From Paul Platts If  you are looking for a free source of music for your work then give the Audio Network a try. “The Audio Network music service for schools has just been updated bringing twice the music, more on-line tools and  a  schools licence for you to use the music in the classroom and with the school 

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