6 Technology Challenges Facing Education

Came across this great article by David Nagel which summarises many of the ideas that we have been discussing recently at DEB. The 6 challenges he mentions comes from a report from the New Media Consortium as part of the Horizon Project. Read the article but if you don’t, here is a summary of the summary!

Challenge 1: professional development = lack of ongoing professional development for teachers.
Challenge 2: resistance to change. = comfort with the status quo.
Challenge 3: MOOCs and other new models for schooling = new models for teaching /learning are providing  competition to traditional models of schooling.
Challenge 4: delivering informal learning = rigid lecture-and-test models of learning failing to challenge students to experiment.
Challenge 5: failures of personalized learning = a gap between the vision of delivering personalized, differentiated instruction and the technologies available to make this possible.
Challenge 6: failure to use technology to deliver effective formative assessments. And the rest

Dr StrangeGove take note.