About DEBed

DEBed is not for profit organisation founded as Digital Education Brighton in June 2011 (see here for our history) by business and education professionals in Brighton and Sussex.

We're exploring the way skills are taught and assessed and how well young people are equipped for the transition from learning to doing - and so from education to work.

We believe the current system does not properly address the real needs for personalisation and the development of individual characteristics that will equip young people appropriately for their lives in a 21st century world.

Our aim is to create new, more flexible and adaptive work skills through experience 'modules' that can be delivered and verified outside traditional assessment systems.

They will delivered alongside traditional learning but in a way that engages young people - many of whom become disillusioned with education and fail to achieve results that evidence or measure their latent talents.


We're asking employers to complete a simple survey, so we can focus on the characteristics that are most highly rated in a work setting. Each learning experience module will identify and acknowledge and focus on these characteristics in some way.

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Meet the DEBsters

This is the organising committee of DEB, a small part of the 100 members of this group.

Who We Work With

This is a selection of some of the organisations we have worked with


Write to us at: DEB, James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Hove, BN3 1HN

Email us at info@digitaleducationbrighton.org.uk

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